The m©@®† studio
also offers slumping, fusing and casting process for glass art and design commissions.

Cast glass arms : Gayle Matthias Valentine vase : A. McCartney Savage Lights : A. McCartney Toothbrush vase : A. McCartney

New innovative techniques developed through research by Aron McCartney using ceramic shell mould materials permit detailed casting and more transparent surface of the glass when removed from the mould than traditional methods of production. The ceramic shell mould helps produce larger scale work and realise pieces that would otherwise be impossible to produce.

Various types of glass are used for slumping, fusing and casting of work in the studio depending upon the qualities required in the final piece. Shell moulds used for slumping can be used more than once and are therefore economic and efficient in processing detail into glass. Especially useful is the ability to provide shell moulds for prototype or small edition numbers for shaping blown glass. Further details and enquiries are welcome.